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Pediatrics Athenaeum: Alcoholic Intoxication at Emergency

Thursday 6th April 12:30pm.

British Hospital
Morales Polyclinic
Morales 2578, 3rd Floor

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Presented by: Dr. Mylene Davrieux and Dr. Hebert Mariño

GUEST: Professor Adj. Dr Antonio Pascale (Clinic Toxicologist)

Conference papers presented at the Conference of Pediatric Emergency 2016:

Acute Alcoholic Intoxication in Adolescence. Report of assisted cases in emergency of a private health institution in Montevideo - Uruguay. Más M, Davrieux M, Maurente L, Ponce N, Pascale A, Dall’Orso P.

Inclusion of the Clinical Toxicologist in the Pediatric Emergency. Experience of a Private Assistance Institution in Uruguay. Dall’Orso P, Mariño H, Carugatti MJ, Ramirez Y, Pascale A.

Organize by: The Pediatric Department - Pediatric Emergency.