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8th Conference on Internal Medicine Updates

Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th of May from 8am to 7pm.

British Hospital Auditorium
Morales Polyclinic
Morales 2578, 3rd Floor

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2017 updates on Diagnostic and Therapeutic Aspects
Discuss about medical records, mini-conferences, workshops.

Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis
Toxic liver diseases
Viral Hepatitis B: Current Clinical and Therapeutics
Viral Hepatitis C: Current Clinical and Therapeutics
Liver Transplant in Uruguay
Diseases of the mitral valve (Workshop)
Current treatment of heart failure (Workshop)

Foreign guests:

Dr. Nitin Damle, MACP - Ambassador International ACP-USA
Dr. Fernando Bressone, Argentina
Dr. Ezequiel Ruidrejo, Agrentina
Dr. Alejandro García, FACP Argentina
Dr. Jorge Thierer, Argentina

Target audience:
Internists, medical residents and other specialties, practical doctors.

General coordinator:
Dr. Juan Carlos Bagattini (FACP)

Registrations by:
e-mail: emc@hospitalbritanico.org.uy   
Abitab "Medicina Interna-Hospital Británico" Reference Nº 73025.
Registration fee $700. Limited spaces.