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Skeletal Muscle Interventionism Day

Thursday, 13th of September, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

British Hospital Auditorium
Morales Polyclinic
Morales 2578, 3rd floor

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Special guest: Dr. José Martel Villagrán.


Bone tumors: Percutaneous ablation.

Radiofrequency of osteoid osteoma.

Bone injury in cancer patient.

Ablation of bone metástasis.
Pet-Tc in diagnosis of bone metastases and as a guide for interventional procedures.

Special guest:
Dr. José Martel Villagrán, Head of the Diagnostic Services by Images of the
University Foundation Hospital of Alcorón, Madrid- Spain.

Addressed to: Clinical Doctors, Tramatologists, Oncologists, Hematoncólogos, Pathologists, Pediatricians and Internal Medicine Doctors.

Limited capacity.

Free registration: emc@hospitalbritanico.org.uy  

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