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THE HOSPITAL / Medical Activities


Gynaecology Athenaeum

Tuesday 11th of december 7:30 pm.

British Hospital Auditorium
Morales Polyclinic
Morales 2578, 3rd floor


Re Certification of Gynecological Offices BH – MSP.
Dr. Juan C. Scasso.

Re Certification of Breastfeeding.
Brief reminder of goals. Graduate Cecilia Riccetto.

Plan of action on cervix and breast cancer.
Dr. Gonzalo Sotero, Dr. Luciana Bertolino and Dr. Santiago Scasso.

Brief report on perinatal athenaeums.
Dr. Juan Alves.

Gynaecology list of helpers 2019.
Dr. Joel Laufer.

Gynaecology shifts 2019. Admissions and discharges.
Dr. Santiago Scasso.

How are we going to implement the office hysteroscopy in 2019?
Dr. Mariana Boutmy.

Improvements to be implemented in gynaecological and obstetric ultrasound 2019.
Dr. Daniel Grasso.

Certification and evaluation.
Dr. Juan C. Scasso.