Over 160 years of warm, personal and professional attention.

THE HOSPITAL / Our History

The British Hospital was founded in 1857 in the Old City and was known as the Foreign Hospital.

In 1913 it moved to our present location, where it has become one of the most modern institutions in the country.

We were the first to offer a Medical Insurance with the British Hospital Scheme forty years ago. This offers its members the highest level health coverage and has become one of the most prestigious medical coverages in the country.

Ever since it started, over a hundred and fifty years ago, the infrastructure of our hospital has consistently been based on international standards and staffed with talented professional and technical people.

Today the workforce numbers about a thousand - between the technical and non-technical staff. All receive constant training, both local and international, as we believe that being aware of, and understanding, the latest developments in both the scientific and service areas allows us to better fulfill the patients’ needs.