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First robotic surgery centre of the country.

Under the direction of Prof. Dr. Fernando Abarzúa, medical instructor of Harthford Hospital in Connecticut, USA, a very successful program of urological robotic surgery it’s been developed.

Started in 2012, the project has already reached hundreds of urologic surgeries with great success and within international standards.

Robotic Surgery

One of the major advances in minimally invasive surgery constitutes robotic surgery or laparoscopic surgery assisted by a robot. Through four robotics arms that hold a camera and three different instruments the surgeon is able to perform the surgery. Accurate movements and a magnified view result in a safe procedure. The use of the robot has been extended to several branches of surgery including urology, general surgery, gynecology, cardio-surgery and ENT.

Prostate surgery

Prostate cancer is a common disease of the adult male. There are several surgical options that can be offer to the patient at the time to treating this condition. Robotic surgery for control of localized prostate cancer has become the treatment of choice in countries like the United States where approximately 90% of them are treated with the use of a robot. Long-term prospective studies indicate that the oncological and functional outcomes can be comparable and even better to the current surgical techniques.

Kidney Surgery

Kidney tumors depending on their size can be treated by radical or sparing procedures. The decision would mainly depend on the tumor size. A radical procedure implies a removal of the entire kidney. On contrary in a partial nephrectomy only the tumor would be removed preserving the remaining kidney. The robotic surgery has also become a valid treatment option for the treatment of kidney tumors with optimal oncological and functional outcomes. In addition, certain benign like the ureter-pelvic junction obstruction can be treated with the use of a robot.

Bladder Surgery

The bladder that is the reservoir for urine can be affected by some malignant conditions that require the complete removal of this organ. Traditionally, the removal of the organ was mainly done via open surgery but also the robotic approach is gaining acceptance as a valid treatment option. Robotic surgical outcomes can be also comparable to the open surgery.

Our Robotic Surgery

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