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XXVI Heart Week

From Monday 25th to Sunday 1st of October we celebrate the Heart Week under the world motto "There are changes that make the difference".

On this occasion, the Hospital will offer activities aimed to stimulating actions and habits that benefit the cardiovascular health of our members:

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» Initial diagnostic consultation by the Graduates in Nursing in the Central Polyclinic hall (from 10:00am to 4:00pm) and in Carrasco Polyclinic (from 8:00am to 1:00pm).

» Nutritional education to members through the exhibition of healthy fruits and vegetables by the Graduates of our Nutrition and Dietetics Department.

» We develop ludic proposals addressed to promote physical activity, nutritional education and blood pressure control since childhood in our Kids Corner.

» We invite our members to the workshop "Importance of physical activity and recommended diet" by Dr. Federico Superchi and The Graduate in Nutrition Claudia Fraga. The workshop will be about a physical exercise session by Professor Sandra Eiraldi and at the end of the exercise we will share a heart healthy collation.

Saturday 30th of September /11:00am
Morales Polyclinic Auditorium
Limited capacity
+INFO. and enrolments: Appointment Department, extension number. 2740