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World Day Against Breast Cancer

Every year in October the World Breast Cancer Day is celebrated; seeking to raise awareness of the disease, providing information about the main risk factors and the most effective measures to prevent it.

Accordingly, the information is the first step to fight against breast cancer. The Oncology team of the British Hospital joined to this campaign offering during the week from the 16th to the 20th of October, incidental talks to occasional visitors in the Policlínico Morales Hall, remanding users the importance of annual check-ups with their gynecologist as the main method of prevention of this disease.

The 19th of October, on the occasion of World Breast Cancer Day, the Oncology Unit team invited all its women members to a meeting in which they shared with special guests issues such as healthy diet, cosmetology and makeup, relaxation and breathing, providing new tools to fight against this disease. Lot of thanks to those who came to share this day!