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World Diabetes Day

Every 14th of November, the World Diabetes Day is celebrated, aiming to educate and raise awareness about the prevention and good management of diabetes, as well as the diseases related to it and the quality of life that can be achieved with certain healthy habits (keep a healthy body weight, do physical activity, follow a healthy diet avoiding sugar and saturated fat) and a good treatment.

This year the campaign` slogan was "Woman and Diabetes", because this disease "is the ninth leading cause of death among women all over the world, causing 2.1 million deaths each year. Two of five women with diabetes are of childbearing age and about one in seven births is affected by gestational diabetes (GDM), a serious and overlooked threat to maternal and child health. " (*)
In this context, the Hospital developed the workshop "Women and Diabetes", addressing myths and realities of gestational diabetes, led by Dr. Sylvia García and the Diabetes team.

Furthermore, as every year, a team of Graduates in Nursing and Nutrition joined this campaign by performing Accucheck controls, measure of blood pressure and healthy eating guidelines in the Main Polyclinic Hall and Carrasco Poyclinic.

On the other hand, in the Children's Corner the entertainers encouraged healthy eating with playful proposals and also gave fruits to the little ones.
Thanks a lot to those who have shared this journey with us!

(*) Data obtained from the Diabetes Foundation (www.fundaciondiabetes.org )