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History, sympathy and joy.

On Monday, December the 18th, on the occasion of the end of the year and in commemoration of the 160th anniversary of our Hospital, representative and relevant figures of our history visited our facilities sharing knowledge and anecdotes with our incidental members.

On this occasion we were accompanied by Sir Edward Thornton, Representative of the British Crown at the time of the founding of the British Hospital in 1857, Miss. Eleonor Henderson, Matron or Director of Nursing and founder of the first  Nursing School that operated at Hospital from 1913 to 1956, Charles Chaplin, who would have been a patient of the Hospital while traveling with a troupe of British comedians when he was not yet known, and "El Portero," figure who welcomed our Hospital for many years.

In this way we enjoyed an afternoon of history, sympathy and joy.

Thank you very much to all who accompanied us!