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Our professional staff

Once more the professional development of our valued medical staff is a reason of institutional pride. To all of them goes our recognition.

Dr. Daniel Corradi and Dr. José Espasandin
On the 15th of December, 2016 they were named Senior Medical Staff of the British Hospital after 25 years of experience in our Institution.

Prof. Dr. Aldo Quarneti
Last November 14th, 2016 Prof. Dr. Aldo Quarneti, a specialist in radiology, was named Professor Grade 5 by the University of Medicine of the UDELAR.

Prof. Agda. Dr. Martha Arriola
Furthermore in November 2016, Dr. Martha Arriola, Physiatrist of our staff and Coordinator of our Physiatry and Physiotherapy Department, was named Assistant Professor in Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine by UDELAR.

Dr. Luis Ubillos
In December, 2015 Dr. Luis Ubillos received the PhD in Bio-Medical Sciences awarded by Proinbio (School of Graduates of the University of Medicine).

Drs. Nibya Leiva, Carmelo Gastambide, Fernando Motta, Juan Chifflet, Julia Majó and Laura Bello.
On the 16th of December, 2015 In tribute to their trajectory in the British Hospital they were honored with the designation Senior Medical Staff.

Prof. Dr. Juan Carlos Bagattini
In recognition of his career on the 10th of December, 2015 Prof. Dr. Juan Carlos Bagattini was named Academic Emeritus by the Board of Directors and the Plenary Assembly of the National Medical Association.

Prof. Dr. Ruver Berazategui
The 3rd of December, 2015 Prof. Ruver Berazategui received the National Award of Medicine, awarded by the Nacional Academy of Medicine (ANM) in recognition of his work “Decentralized Pediatric Surgery Service” UDELAR-ASSE 2003-2015: Analysis of an experience”.

Dr. Manuel Baz
The 3rd of December, 2015 the National Academy of Medicine awarded to Dr. Manuel Baz the National Pneumology Award “Dr. Miguel Mello Aguerre” for the investigation on “Sleep Breathing Disordered: 25 years of experience” which was performed together with doctors José P. Arcos, Daniel Lorenzo, Ana Musetti, Martha Gutiérrez and Graciela Buño.

The Nutricionist Alejandra Amestoy Msc, Nut. Lucía Agulla, Nut. Florencia Fernández, Nut. Ma. Clara Rearte, Nut. Laura Medina, Nut. Claudia Remedios, Lic. Nut. Ivana Delmonte, Lic. Nut. Fernanda Larrea.
During the VI Iberoamerican Nutrition Congress, the XVI Latin-American and Caribbean Congress of Nutritionists and Dieticians and the V Uruguayan Food and Nutrition Congress which were carried out in the Conference Centre of the Municipality of Montevideo from the 8th to the 11th of September 2015, a large team of representatives of the Nutrition Department and Diet Therapy of the British Hospital, received in recognition of the Scientific Committee a Special Mention for its “Prevalence of Nutritional Risk in pediatric patients at hospital admission”.

Dr. Guzman Fugasot
On August 19th, 2015 he was named Adjunct Professor of Otorhinolaryngology by the Chair of Otorhinolaryngology of Uruguay.

Prof. Dr. Alejandro Scaramelli
On June 2015, Prof. Dr. Alejandro Scaramelli, Neurologist Coordinator and Head of the British Hospital Neurophysiology Department, was named President of the Epilepsy Latin American Academy by the International League Against Epilepsy, through the Commission of Latin American Affairs.

Dr. Joel Laufer and Dr. Santiago Scasso

From the 23rd to the 25th of April, 2015, the X National Congress of the Argentina Association of Gynecologic Oncology took place during which the British Hospital of Montevideo the physicians Joel Laufer and Santiago Scasso together with Dr. José Saadi from the Italian Hospital of Buenos Aires, presented their work about “Sparing Surgery in early stages of epithelial ovarian cancer”, which was mentioned with the Honorable Scientific Poster Prize.

Dr. Walter Ayala, Dr. Santiago Ayala, Dr. Javier Pietropinto and Dr. Ana Pena
British Hospital professionals specialized in Anesthesia, Respiratory Medicine and Endocrinology, obtained two publications in the Anesthesia Society of Uruguay journal, concerning the “intrathecal morphine pump implanted in a case of chronic noncancer pain" and "hypogonadism in a patient treated with intrathecal morphine infusion pump"

Pediatric Service
Our Pediatric Department published two papers in the “Pediatrics files of Uruguay”, on "acute naphazoline intoxication " and " Palliative Care - Children ready to enter in Palliative Care".

Dr. Patricia Dall'Orso
Dr.Patricia Dall'Orso from the pediatric service was recognized with the second prize in the 7th Argentine Congress of Pediatric Emergency and Critical Care, for her work on "Noninvasive Ventilation in Pediatric Emergency".

Drs. Rosina Rios and Ligia Bacchetta
They received a special recognition for the presentation of their work exhibition on” Bloqueos with Fenol in kids” in the first Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Conference together with the First National Residents´s Congresses, the Sixteenth Conference of the South Cone Rehabilitation, Physical Medicine and the Twelfth Meeting of the Latin- American Society of Paraplegia held on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of April 2014.

Dr. Graciela Yamgotchian
She has been honored at the Closing Ceremony of the Latin- American Conference of The Lower Genital Tract Pathology and Colposcopy, where she received the diploma as the Professor of Latin- American Colposcopy.

Dr. Pablo Muxi
On Thursday September 12th, he was honored for being named Member of the National Academy of Medicine.

Drs. Malena Barrios, Sandra Peña and Pablo Catalá won a prize in the Snuff or Health Uruguay-Argentina Congress 2013. Thus their work will be published in the smoking prevention journal SEPAR-Spain. The article was also accepted by the Mayo Clinic in USA.

Dr. Juan Carlos Bagattini 
The Society of Internal Medicine of Uruguay (for the first time in its history) honored 14 professionals in Internal Medicine.
During his speech, the President of the Society talked about this unprecedented tribute and referred to the honorees as "Masters of Medicine." They were given a plaque with the isotype of the Company.
Dr. Juan Carlos Bagattini, physician of our institution, head of the Intensive Care Unit of the Hospital was one of those 14 professionals recognized as Master of Medicine of Uruguay.

Dr. Hamlet Suárez  Was recently named member of the National Medicine Academy. It is a distinct honor in his professional career (February 2013).

Dr. Alberto Fernández 
Was named as an honorary member of the SECOT (Spanish Society of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology) for his career and for the strong support he has given to the Society. Malaga October 4th, 2012.

Prof. Dr. Pablo Muxi National Medical Award: Great social impact strategies. For creating a protocol designed to ray ban sale provide free drugs “Rituximab” to treat “Lymphoma no Hodgkin B” and the “Imatinib” for chronic myeloid leukaemia.

Prof. Dr. Catalina Pirez (Pediatrician grade five) and Dr. Gabriela Algorta (grade five in bacteriology) carried out a study to demonstrate the prevention of respiratory infections in children as a result of the pneumococcal vaccination campaign.

Prof. Dr. Jorge Facal (grade five, specialist in Internal Medicine and Infectious diseases), performed during the year several research works with the hospital emergency service internists. These were selected at the World Congress of Chile.

Drs. Gerardo Pérez and Silvia Pierri won the national award “Hospital libre de Trombosis”

Prof. Dr. J. Bagattini and Alejandro Scaramelli are responsible for an early treatment protocol for “ACV” in the Hospital.

Dr. Felipe Scivolicarried out a novel treatment of “VUR” minimally invasive with excellent results.

Prof. Dr. Walter Ayala carried out a pain treatment called “Radiofrequency”, that allows access to pathology without surgery. He trained in New York during a year and has made scientific publications.

Prof. Adj. Dra. Patricia Dall'Orso carried out with the Pediatric Emergency Service team a multicenter study with Spanish hospitals, to determine the characteristics of Pediatric emergencies and their global profile.

Dr. Hamlet Suárez
has achieved a grant of ANII aim at the generation of an on line outpatient system of clinic balance and assessment, especially for neurological diseases (Parkinson and Post stroke) and geriatric patients.