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19/05/2018 | 19.05.18 Diario EL PAÍS
A day for learning more about coeliac disease

The British Hospital carried out a series of activities for the prevention and education on coeliac disease...

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28/04/2018 | 28.04.18 Diario EL PAÍS
The British Hospital consolidates palliative care provision

The British Hospital consolidates the provision of palliative care to its adult and children affiliates, as a result of the work and experience of two multidisciplinary teams, made up of medical professionals from different specialties, psychologists and nurses...

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13/04/2018 | 13.04.18 Diario EL PAÍS
The importance of an early detection

The British Hospital carried out information actions focused on colon cancer’s prevention...

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09/03/2018 | 09.03.18 Diario EL PAÍS
An initiative to help expectant mothers

The British Hospital accompanies parents during pregnancy with an integral and multidisciplinary appproach As a result of the experience over the years and the receptivity of its members, the British Hospital reformulated the course for parents and made available a "Preparation course for the birth and early days" of the baby, with an integral approach of the process and the contribution of a multidisciplinary team...

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