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30/01/2017 | Diario EL PAÍS 30.12.16

Tips to enjoy Christmas time and holidays without complications

Another year is coming with all the joy that involves. But even in this time of the year precautions must be taken, and this is why the British Hospital Emergency Service gives suggestions to enjoy Christmas time and summer without problem.

Fireworks give color to this time of the year, but their irresponsible use increases the chance of getting hurt or cause injuries.
It´s storage should be in a cool, dry place, never close to heat sources, nor taking them in pockets.
Fireworks should only be handled and turned on by adults, and before lighting them up, it is recommended to read the instructions and warnings carefully which are on the label of each product, as well as making sure that they are authorized by the Materials´ Service and the Weapons Army.

It is important to always look for outdoor and clear areas, away from places with combustion danger or wooded areas, besides avoiding turning them on during the presence of winds.
When using them, it is important to always place them on a smooth, steady and flat surface to ensure their stability, and never point or fire any kind of artificial fire to people or properties. It is also recommendable not to introduce bombs or firecrackers into cans, bottles or containers.

Once they are fired, it is important to keep a safe distance away from the fired area. And especially, under no circumstances place the head or other part of the body on any pyrotechnic product. It is also recommended to have a bucket full of water, a hose or a fire extinguisher for emergency situations.

One of the main mistakes is to fire fireworks after they have not work in the first try, or use alcohol to fire them. In case a fire does not start, do not try it again, but wait at least five minutes to spray it with water before throwing it away.
It is important to bear in mind that farm animals and pets get scared by the noises, so it is important to keep them inside the house or in places away from the sound excesses.

Heat and sun

To avoid the consequences caused by sun it is important to drink water or liquids frequently, even without being thirsty, besides increasing the intake of fruits and vegetables. It is recommendable to decrease the usual physical activity and avoid doing it during times of higher temperature (from 11:00am to 5:00 pm) besides using high factors sunscreen. These should be applied at least 30 minutes before sun exposure. Once in the beach, and before getting into the water is essential to know the depth in the area before diving, respecting the meaning of flags and the banned areas for bathing.
Jellyfish stings are also a problem at this time of the year, so in the event of an accident involving contact with jellyfish, the area must be cleaned with salt water without rubbing the skin or applying local cold. If the pain is severe, it is recommendable to consult in the nearest reference center. The same procedure should be followed in case of snake bites, arachnids or scorpions. The skin wound should be deeply washed and is important to go to the nearest health centre as soon as possible, without doing tourniquets or any treatment on the wound.
Although there is no need to think negatively, never is too much to take certain precautions to avoid an unpleasant moment.
Happy New Year!

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