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04/02/2017 | Diario EL PAÍS 04.02.17

Stress: a widespread illness, that can be controlled

Tension, overwhelmed sensation, something that can not be controlled, anxiety, nerves. It is about a human body reaction to a stimulus that comes from the outside, or also when facing a memory, an evocation or a thought. These differentiates us from the rest of the mammals, because the stimulus in them is always external.
It is a subject that "brings people together" according to Dr. Roberto Superchi, cardiologist and the British Hospital coordinator of self-help workshops to improve the life quality
"We talk about stress and it seems like we are competing to see who is more stressed," he added.
The environment where each person has been raised highly affects its "file” that later on will condition the answers that this person will have when facing different situations that he/she will experienced.
A long-lasting stress situation inevitably leads to the presence of an illness that is the reason why it must be monitored, to prevent it development.
In this field, the emotional state "send" signs we should pay attention to in order to prevent the extension of the problem. Warning is the first stage, which is followed by resistance (when stress continues in time), before reaching to the person exhaustion.

Workshops educate with exercises to get out of the “continuing suffering” which generates stress.

Among others, if the stress continues in time it affects the immune system of the person who suffers it.
A number of "stressful issues" can be identified; as feeling threatened, the appearance of an unpredictable situation, the lack of control over what happens are some of them. Which tools may have someone who suffers from stress to handle it?
On one hand, we should learn to do not stay "connected" to the "automatic" thought. Through training this is possible to achieve, said Dr. Superchi. It is, then possible, to modify our reaction to stress.

The methodology of self-help workshops at the British Hospital is to show patients different tools; physicians do not pretend to impose or give orders.
According to Dr. Superchi, the key can be explained in the following way: "we show how the organism works, what are its limits, where is the abuse, the idea that I can skip meals but I should not do it, among other aspects."
The way is to do different exercises, in a systematic way, to start reducing stress levels.
This is the idea of mindfulness, also known as "full consciousness," a theory that is applied in an eight-week program to reduce suffering when facing stress, a workshop held at the British Hospital. It is about, of "what in the world of today is having more influence" in the field of stress, said Superchi.
The great secret of mindfulness, is that its consequences are the result of the practice that everyone do. The exercises that are mentioned are intended to leave the "continuing suffering" where someone who lives with stress is trapped.