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30/09/2017 | Diario EL PAIS 30.09.17

The British Hospital implemented a successful technique for the treatment of skin tumours.

The so called Mohs Technique for the removal of skin tumours have been implemented and will be permanently performed at the British Hospital, due to its excellent outcomes at global level.

Professional surgeons, pathologists and instrumentalists from the British Hospital, trained during a year in Buenos Aires with Professor Abel González, who was the main speaker during the academic meeting through which the technique was formally implemented in a permanent way.

Surgeons, dermatologists, and pathologists, as well as instrumentalists and personnel from the Nursing Department related with the treatment of different types of skin cancer for which treatment is recommended the application of Mohs Technique, participated of the meeting which took place some days ago at the Auditory of the British Hospital.

What Mohs Technique “does is to completely remove the tumours, with a healing percentage close to 99%”, explained Dr. González, from the Mohs Surgery Unit of the Institute Angel Roffo of the University of Buenos Aires, and of the Specialized Medical Institute Alexander Fleming.

With this technique “healthy tissue can be saved, which facilitates better aesthetical results. It doesn´t happen that it could still be tumour left after an operation. It generally ends with the tumour, with better aesthetical results and without bad news such as something left behind” he added.

The specialist, trained in the United States alongside with doctor Mohs, father of the technique, recalled that in the mentioned country as well as in Europe and Australia, “this is the chosen technique for all facial tumours” and pointed out that it´s “particularly recommended for tumours located in risky places or where the reconstruction is essential”.

González pointed out “the paramount importance of Human Resources” for the implementation of the technique, and praised the predisposition, commitment and quality of the British Hospital´s professionals who trained with him in Buenos Aires. “They were always much committed, they operate together and that´s the best that there is”, he judged.

He also claimed, that the hospitalisation rooms of the British Hospital “are better than those in Argentina” and added that the operating room and the hostelry “are first-rated”.

Doctor Enrique Fossati, referent of the Plastic Surgery Area of the hospital and main promoter of the implementation of the technique at the institution, recalled that isolated procedures were successfully carried out in the past and emphasized the organization´s commitment for its permanent execution.

He celebrated the implementation “of a technique that captured us since we met it”, thanked the support from the hospital´s managment, the professional surgeons, dermatologists, instrumentalists and nurses, and recalled that “more than 90% of the plastic surgery consultations are of dermatology in this hospital”.

The permanent implementation of Mohs Technique occurred within the context of the celebration for the 160th anniversary of the British Hospital, and represents the achievement of a new goal prone to assure its members the highest quality standards in the provision of healthcare services.