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09/03/2018 | 09.03.18 Diario EL PAÍS

An initiative to help expectant mothers

The British Hospital accompanies parents during pregnancy with an integral and multidisciplinary appproach

As a result of the experience over the years and the receptivity of its members, the British Hospital reformulated the course for parents and made available a "Preparation course for the birth and early days" of the baby, with an integral approach of the process and the contribution of a multidisciplinary team.

The course, carefully designed by the professionals of the institution, proposes an integral approach of the process, providing the expectant mother and her partner or companion with tools to facilitate the experience and the enjoyment of a moment of such significance.

Organized in seven modules, each shaped according to the stage of pregnancy that the expectant mother is going through, will be in charge of a multidisciplinary team that it will integrate in each instance the different thematic units in a common axis, aiming to achieve a comprehensive vision of this stage of life.

The multidisciplinary team is conformed by the obstetric midwife, obstetrician gynecologist and neonatologist, dentist, the psychology graduate, nutrition and diet therapy graduate, nursing graduate and graduate in social work.

Expectant mothers who are between 20 and 25 weeks of pregnancy can join the theoretical meeting related to pregnancy, oral health, nutrition, psychological aspects and rights of pregnant women.

Those mothers who are between 28 and 32 weeks of pregnancy can do it in relation to prepartum, delivery and cesarean section, puerperium, lactation and newborn care.

At the same time, practical classes refer to breathing and relaxation techniques, the use of the pregnancy ball, muscle relaxation, conscious gymnastics, massage and the role of the father or companion during the dilating period.

From the 30th week of pregnancy, the practical meetings refer to airway obstruction, pushing, the ball in the expulsive period and the active role during labor and delivery.

In addition, the post-partum recovery is addressed, pelvic floor strengthening, Kegel exercises, breathing, relaxation and massage.

Thus the British Hospital accompanies the expectant mothers from the beginning of pregnancy to the return to their homes with their babies, also through the integral work carried out by the Breastfeeding Polyclinic.

"This initiative combines some policies which are very important for the British Hospital: to accompany our members in the best way in each stage of life, making available the best services and tools, the disposition of our professionals to provide the highest quality care, health education and prevention", mentioned the graduate Sandra Bogado, Manager of Benefits.

Those interested can ask for information and register at the Gynecology reception, by dialing 2487 10 20 extension number 3601 or 5282, or through the email clubdepadres@hospitalbritánico.org.uy