Over 160 years of warm, personal and professional attention.

THE HOSPITAL / Who we are

We are a general hospital with over 160 years experience, giving the highest standards of healthcare.

Over those 160 years the spirit of the British Hospital has developed into a combination of technical and professional excellence, with a true respect for human dignity.

As it is a non-profit institution we continually reinvest in the Hospital to constantly improve all the services for our patients: buildings, medical equipment and technology, as well as in the staffing.

We have a highly trained team of doctors, with consultants in every area, and an outstanding specialised group of nurses who give the patients personalised attention as well as excellent professional care.

Great attention is given to human resources as we believe they are our most important asset. There is a policy of permanent training and updating courses at all levels, to maintain and improve excellence and “personalisation”.

We are a medium sized hospital, big enough to justify constant technological development and building expansion, but at the same time small enough to keep our culture of warm, personalized, attention.

The Hospital has permanent training programs for professionals, including several which are recognized by the Graduate School of the University of the Republic (la Escuela de Graduados de la Universidad de la República) as well as by the Ministry of Health (Ministerio de Salud).