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THE HOSPITAL SCHEME / Medication Coverage

The Hospital Scheme plan offers full coverage in medication during hospitalization, full coverage in oncologic drugs and 50% discount in ambulatory medication or TICKET system (depending on members adhesion).

Ambulatory Medication

Ambulatory medication has a 50% rebate at EL TUNEL pharmacy for all our members (excepting those situations where an exclusion has been determined).

Hospital Scheme members can add a medication ticket system to their plan. This system can be contracted at the Scheme Office before being 60 years old and after being authorized by the Hospital Technical Direction. The evaluation will be based on the pre-existing treatments.

El Tunel pharmacy has access to our system permanently, knowing which kind of medication coverage or exclusion the member has.

Medication coverage is regulated by FTM (Formulario Terapéutico Nacional de Medicamentos).

Information to buy ambulatory medication