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Exclusive workshops for members

Through an extensive planning agenda of activities the Hospital focuses on giving answer to members´ main needs through many educational proposals; the hospital is convinced that communication is the main tool to contribute to the life quality of our families.

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For enrollments and further information please contact the Appointment ´s Department, extension number 2740.


14 and 15.12.16 Naviarte. Third edition.
Through the fantasy of Christmas, we celebrate the end of the year reflecting and promoting that holidays are not synonymous of technology and consumption as the only way of fun.

Wednesday 14th: children from 4 to 7 years
Thursday 15th: children from 8 to 12 years

In charge of the Recreation and Nutrition and Diet Therapy teams of the Hospital.

19.11.16 Back Pain
Ergonomic aspects of the work activity. Basic guidelines for a healthier work activity. In charge of: Dr. Carreras. 7:15 p.m.

23.11.16 Superfoods.
What are super foods like Chia, Quinoa, Spirulina, among others, and how to integrate them to the diet. In charge of: the Nutritionist Maren Torheim. 7:00 p.m.

16.11.16 Incidence in diabetes, control, detection:
Risks (myths and realities), affection of the eye in the diabetic patient.
Presentation by: Dr. Silvia García García (Diabetologist) and Dr. Magdalena Fornella (Ophthalmologist) 6:30 pm.
We will share a healthy snack!

15.11.16 Attention disorders.
Restlessness, distraction, impulsivity with and without hyperactivity.
In charge of Dr. Gabriel González. 6:30 p.m.

10.11.16 Cooking workshop: Practical vegetarian recipes
Addressed to: young people with vegetarian / vegan concerns in the choice of food.
In charge of the Chef Diego Ruete and the Graduates in Nutrition of the British Hospital. 6:00 p.m.

03.11.16 Alternative food options.
Vegetarians. Recommendations.
In charge of the Graduate in Nutrition Alejandra Amestoy and Dr. Teresita Sabat. 7:00pm.

26.10.16 Anxiety disorders.
When to ask for an appointment with the doctor. Steps to take when we talk about teenagers.
In charge of Dr. Madelón Rodríguez and Dr. Teresita Sabat. 7:00 p.m.

19.10.16 Drugs and alcohol in adults. Brief interventions.
In charge of Dr. Gabriel Rossi and Dr. Verónica Cardelliac. 7:00 pm.

04.10.16 Drugs and alcohol in adolescentes. Prevention and detection.
Addressed to: parents who are members of the British Hospital.
In charge of Dr. Gabriel Rossi and Dr. Teresita Sabat. 7:00 pm.

29.09.16 Workshop Basic Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Workshop
Regarding the Heart Week the British Hospital have organized a new workshop the CPR in charge of CEPRIE. 6:30 pm.

01.09.16 Sleep well a reachable dream – Second Edition.
Recommendations to sleep better and reach a quality rest.
In charge of Dr. Cecilia Orellana. 7:00 p.m.

We share with you a video on the thematic to contextualize this problem that affects the quality of life of many people: see video

18.08.16 Healthy diet in breast- feeding and techniques: Myths and facts.
Activity organized regarding the World Breast - feeding Week aimed at future mothers and mothers who are interested in learning more about the subject. This week is led by the Nutrition representatives’ team, the Diet Therapy and the Breast - feeding Hospital Polyclinic: Graduate Nutritionist Alejandra Amestoy, Marcela Fernandez and Lucia Argulla, and the Certified Nursing Assistant Veronica Mezquita. 7:00 pm.

09.08.16 knowing how to age and prevent dependency. Part II
We invite you to share new series of workshops by Graduate Ps. Ana Charamelo, aimed at adults over 65 years oriented to discuss and deep into on how years change us.
In April we held the first edition of these series of workshops, and through the involvement of its participants we continue knowing our members needs, identifying new subjects and doubts to be solved.

To know more about this proposal we invite you to share this testimonial video: see video

We hope you can join us!

09, 23 y 30.08.16 First aid and reanimation in children.
We will try to provide the participants tools to face situations of reanimation and first aid .The purpose is to strengthen the participants on how to deal with such situations and the steps to take in all of them. Aimed at adults who want to prepare themselves for first aid situations in circumstances where children are involved. Led by CEPRIE 6:30 pm.

04.08.16 Sleep well is a possible dream.
Recommendations to get a better sleep and a high quality rest.
Led by Dr. Cecilia Orellana

28.07.16 What families want to know about Alzheimer and other Memory Disorders. Part II
Guidelines and recommendations for the caregiver and the family of patients with Alzheimer and other dementias. Led by Graduate. Ps. Ana Charamelo and Prof. Sergio Dansilio. Open to members, family members with this pathology, caregivers, etc. Limited places, 6:30pm.

22.06.16 Workshop Reanimation and first aid for adults
Practical workshop of three hours by CEPRIE (Center for Prevention and Education in Emergency).

19th and 26.05.16 – 02nd and 09.06.16 "Aliment-arte" Feeding- art

With reference to the Food Revolution day, the Nutrition team together with the Culinary art and the Recreation team with the plastic art, will join together in order to continue educating on healthy dieting.

Thursday 19th of May, 5:30 pm.
Target audience: children from 4 to 7 years old
Limited places: 25 children

Thursday 26th of May, 5:30pm
Target audience: children from 8 to 12 years old.
Limited places: 25 children
New dates: Thursday 2nd and 9thof June, 5:30pm.
Target audience: children from 4 to 12 years old.
Limited places: 25 children

12.05.15 Eye care in diabetic patients

By the British Hospital Ophthalmology Team. Speakers:
Dr. Magdalena Fornella and Dr. Alejandra Corsino.

10.05.16 Reanimation and first aid for young people.
Practical workshop of three hours by CEPRIE
(Center for Prevention and Education in Emergency). With this workshop we aim to empower our teenagers to take action in emergencies, expressing greater security to reduce physical and emotional harm.

05.05.16 Thrombophilia. Blood hypercoagulability: risk of thrombosis and clinical manifestations during pregnancy.
Who should take care? When? Why?
By the British Hospital Hematology Team. Speaker: Silvia Pierri

03.05.16 Reanimation and first aid for adults.
Practical workshop of three hours by CEPRIE (Center for Prevention and Education in Emergency).

28.04.16 Domestic accidents in children and its prevention
According to the age and lifestyle, children combine their ignorance with home danger, staying long hours at home which makes them vulnerable. Be alert and create a home safety plan it can be a great tool to prevent falls, bumps, cuts, burns, poisoning or drowning.
By Dr. Verónica Morales.

27.04.16 Learning how to understand food labels
Food labels provide information about nutritional data of food you buy. Learn to read these labels in order to choose the healthiest food. By Nut. Maren Torheim.

19.04.16”Knowing how to get old and prevent dependency”

Series of workshops conducted by Graduate. Ps. Ana Charamello, addressed to adults older than 65 years old oriented to talk and deep into how years change us, understanding how memory works and its problems (tools and exercises), the importance of sleep well and having a healthy diet, the benefits of doing physical exercise, the importance of planning leisure and free time, as well as social and citizen participation besides commitment to life.

07.04.16 Alzheimer: clarifying doubts
The series of activities 2016 began last April 7th with the workshop "What the family wants to know about Alzheimer's disease and other memory disorders: clarifying doubts" by Prof. Dr. Sergio Dansilio, the Graduate Ps. Ana Charamelo, Dr. Miriam Ceppi and Prof. Dr. Gustavo Lopez, aimed at families and caregivers of patients who suffer from this disease and other memory disorders.

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