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Workshops for members: 2017

On March started a new series of workshops aimed to our members.

Through the planning of an extensive agenda of activities year after year, the Hospital focuses on answering the main concerns of our members through various educational proposals; convinced that information is the main tool to contribute in the quality of life of our families.

+Info. and enrolments in the Appointement Department, number extension 2740

We invite you to see a brief summary of our first workshop of the year clicking here. Enjoy it!

AGENDA: Upcoming Activities

23.05.17 | 7:00pm. “Retirement: a design of a new life project”
Cycle of three workshops led by the Graduate Ana Charamelo.
Retirement implicates facing a sudden change in relation to daily life, which has an impact on all human dimensions (biological, psychological and social). It involves changes in daily habits, social relationships, in the ability to give meaning to new activities, as an expression in the identity and self-esteem of people.
These meetings are intended to create a space of reflection for those who are in plans of retirement and for those who have already retired and who have not taken this issue as a way of thinking of a new life project for the years after retirement”.
Starting date: May 23rd
Closing date: June 6th
The workshop is aimed at people who are in a preoperative stage and to the retired.

10 y 11.05.17 | 5:00pm. “Aliment-Art: Surprise for mum”.
With reference to the Food Revolution Day the British Hospital celebrates its Aliment-Arte suggestion; aimed to supporting healthy health from childhood.
This year we dedicate the proposal to Mom and for this reason we will cook something tasty and healthy together with the Recreation and Nutrition and Diet Therapy team of the Hospital, and then we will share with them a tea and an English-style snack.
We invite:
Children from 4 to 7 years old
Children from 8 to 12 years old

We hope you can join us!

09.05.17 | 4:00pm. “Knowing how to get old and prevent dependency”
Series of workshops led by Graduate Ana Charamelo addressed to elderly. In 8 workshops we aim to work on topics that allow participants to optimize the resources and keep a healthy and active life.
New life projects: Its´s possible!
Memory: our personal identity.
Memory and it´s problems.
Mood disorders.
When the partner is absent.
The importance of falls.
Life in movement.
Various dimensions of Life Quality.

the people interested can enroll and attend to all workshops or to those of their interest.

We invite you to share the experience of Mª Rosa Bernardi and Anatole Plost in the first series of workshops addressed to the elderly (2016) by doing click here

25.04.17 "How to prepare for winter"

Workshop led by Dr. Mercedes Sánchez Varela (pediatrician) and the Graduate in Nutrition Lucía Agulla. The talk will be about children who are oriented to get vaccinated, how to prevent infections, when a child can not go to school, how to help them. As wel as this, we will share healthy feeding guidelines to prevent colds and flue during the winter. Activity addressed to parents affiliated or with children affiliated to the HS.

18.04.17 "Prevention on patients with respiratory diseases"
Activity led by Dr. Sandra Peña. We will talk about how to prevent infections, the importance of vaccines, when influenza vaccines, the anti-pneumococcal and oral auto vaccine options are indicated.
Aimed to adults with respiratory diseases, such as, COPD, ASMA, Interstitial Diseases, Bronchiectasis, smoking, among others.

22.03.17 “Lessons’ start: adaptation guidelines”
Activity led by Dr. Lara Batthyany, the Graduate Nut. Alejandra Amestoy, and Dr. Gabriela Peluffo (deontologist). During the workshop we will share tips to facilitate the family’s routine related to the start of classes and its’ development, emphasizing on sleeping habits, oral hygiene and feeding snacks and dishes.