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Workshops for members: 2017

On March started a new series of workshops aimed to our members.

Through the planning of an extensive agenda of activities year after year, the Hospital focuses on answering the main concerns of our members through various educational proposals; convinced that information is the main tool to contribute in the quality of life of our families.

+Info. and enrolments in the Appointement Department, number extension 2740

We invite you to see a brief summary of our first workshop of the year clicking here. Enjoy it!

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Next activities:
2017: Talk about stress / Healthy eating workshops / Talks for mothers and daughters

15.11.17 | 7:00 pm. Health of our skeletal system.
How to maintain our bone health. Medical controls, diet and type of recommended exercises. Importance of calcium, Vitamin D and other nutrients. Talk led by Dr. Miguel Tambler and the Graduate in Nutrition Maren Torheim.
14.11.17 / 6:00 pm. Woman and diabetes: gestational diabetes.
Myths and realities of gestational diabetes. Can it be prevented? What is the treatment? Healthy habits in the diet.

At the end of the workshop, together with the multidisciplinary diabetes team, we will share a healthy snack. Workshop led by Dr. Sylvia García with the intervention of the multidisciplinary Diabetes team of the British Hospital.

18.10 and 22.11.17 / 7:00 pm. Series of workshops for parents "Home, our starting point".

 Workshop addressed to parents of children and adolescents on how to strengthen the self-esteem and safety of our children. Led by Dras. Teresita Sabat (Pediatrician and Adolescent Polyclinic) Madelón Rodríguez (Child Psychiatrist).

01.11.17 | 7:00 pm. Depression, new modalities of presentation. Vulnerability in adolescents. Steps to follow. Workshop led by Drs. Mercedes Pazos and Madelón Rodríguez (members of the Children's Psychiatry team of the British Hospital) addressed to parents or teenagers’ tutor.

Ongoing activities:

3, 10, 17, 24 y 31.10.17 | 4:00 pm. Memory Workshop

After retiring and removing the pressures of work, we use a minimum percentage of neurons, and it is necessary to activate those that are not in use. There is scientific evidence that cognitive stimulation works as a protective barrier that slows the development of cognitive deterioration and dementias.

This brain stimulation` program is based on cognitive reserve and neuronal plasticity, and it is aimed at improving mental performance through exercises, skills training.The activities presented combine different therapeutic exercises, rehabilitation techniques and learning. Directed by the Graduate. Ps. Ana Charamello.


Memory Workshop Group 2:                

Tuesday 10th and 17th of October /10:30 am.
Thursday 26th of October / 11:00 am.
Tuesday 31st of October / 10:30 am.
Tuesday 7th of November / 10:30 am.

Memory Workshop Group 3:

5, 12, 19, 26 of October /3:30 pm.
1st of November / 3:30 pm.

30.09.17 | 11:00 am. Workshop “Importance of the physical activity and recommended diet”.
On the Heart Week we invite our members to enjoy this activity by Dr. Federico Superchi Cardiologist of our staff and the Graduate in Nutrition Claudia Fraga, who will talk about the necessary to keep a healthy heart. The workshop will also have a physical exercise session led by Professor Sandra Eiraldi. At the end, the participants will be invited with a heart healthy snack. We hope you can join us!

20.09.17 | 7:00pm. "Stress" 2nd. Edition
The stress is an automatic answer of the organism to any change, and it is not necessarily something bad in itself. If we learn to handle it effectively it can provide us resources to face different situations. Encounter led by Dr. Roberto Superchi, instructor of the Hospital Health Education and Stress Control Courses.

14.09.17 | 7:00 hs. "Headaches"
How many types of headaches exist? Which are its causes?
Symptoms of warning and early consultation. How can we treat them?
Drs. Diana Yorio and Alejandro Scaramelli, specialists in neurology of our staff, will answer to all your doubts. We hope you can come!

13.09.17 | 5:00pm. Practical Course of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. "Last edition Courses CPR 2017
Addressed to adults, young people (from 15 years old), parents and children, groups of friends, couples and anyone interested in knowing how to deal with situations of cardio respiratory arrest, resuscitation and exercises of this type. You can save a life. Workshop in charge of professionals of CEPRIE (Centre for Prevention and Emergency Instruction)

07 and 28.09.17| 7:00 pm. To become a workaholic? The meaning of work
We invite you to enjoy a meeting with Lic. Alejandro De Barbieri trying to remember and keep present the meaning of our lives.

06 and 13.09.17 | 7:00 pm. “Talks for mothers and daughters "
Activity led by Dr. Nancy Murillo, gynecology of our medical staff. The specialist will have a conversation
with mothers and daughters to address issues of interest in a warm and friendly environment for everyone.

Achieved activities:

16.08.17 | 5:00pm. "Reflecting on breastfeeding: myths and realities"
Regarding the World Breastfeeding Week, we invite our pregnant and lactating mothers to share a healthy snack while addressing concerns, fears and sharing experiences about breastfeeding and feeding from pregnancy.

The activity will be held by Cecilia Riccetto the Graduate in Nursing and Referent of the Breastfeeding Polyclinic, Lucía Agulla the Graduate in Nursing and Laura Bacchetta the Graduate in Psychology and Coordinator of the Recreation Area of the Hospital. We hope you can join us!

We invite you to know the British Hospital Breastfeeding Polyclinic, as well as the company that mothers and children receive in their first days of breastfeeding in the following video: click here.

14,15 and 22.08 | 5:30 p.m. "Cooking workshops for children"
On the occasion of Children's Day, we invite the children of the Hospital to a new cycle of cooking workshops, through which we continue to deepen our commitment to food education.
In this way, the kitchen is installed again in the HB auditoriums. We invite the chef Diego Ruete, who will be accompanied by the Nutrition and Recreation teams of the Hospital.

Monday 14th: Group from 4 to 6 years old
Tuesday 15th: Group from 7 to 9 years old
Tuesday 22nd: Group from 10 to 13 years old
Duration: (An hour and a half)

09.08.17 and 20.09.17 | 7:00 pm: s. "Stress"
People can feel stress in different ways. Stress is an automatic response of the organism to any change, and not necessarily something bad in itself. On the contrary, if we learn to handle it effectively, it can give us the possibility to change the way we see ourselves facing a problem, using new resources to face different situations. The risk of not learning to control it is the appearance of psychophysiological disorders. Encounter led by Dr. Roberto Superchi, instructor of the Health Education and Stress Control Courses of the Hospital.

29.07.17 | 11:00 am. "Zumba class" Second Edition.
We keep on enjoying the rhythm of Zumba!
We invite all our affiliates women to participate in a Zumba class and share the advices of our Graduate in Nutrition Claudia Fraga, who will make a short dissertation about the healthiest foods when it comes to sports. We hope you can join us!

26.07.17| 3:00pm. "Secret delights"
With reference to the 160 years we will share with our Hospital Scheme members some recipes of the specialties that our Coffee Shop suggests for breakfast or afternoon snack time. These specialties are part of our tradition and for this reason we want to share them with those of us who are part of this Hospital.

25.07.17 | 7:00pm. “Diurnal drowsiness: causes and consequences”
Suggestions for a better sleep and reach a quality rest. In charge of Dr. Cecilia Orellana.

19.07.17 | 7:00 pm. “Superfoods”
What are the super food such as Chia, Quinoa, Spirulina, among others, and how to include them in the diet. We will share simple and very nutritive recipes to prepare them. In charge of: Lic. Maren Torheim.

7th and 20th of June, 4th and 19th of July, 8th and 23rd of August /5:00 pm. “Cardiopulmonary Reanimation Course".
Aimed at adults, youngsters (from 15 years old), parents and children, groups of friends, couples and anyone interested in knowing how to deal with cardio arrest situations, reanimation and maneuvers of this type.
You can save a life.
Workshop by professionals of CEPRIE (Center for Prevention and Emergency Instruction)

Completed activities:

03.06.17 | 11:00 am. “Class of zumba”
Get ready to dance to the beat of Zumba!
We invite all our women members to participate in a Zumba class.
We will have the presence of our Lic. In Nutrition Claudia Fraga, who will make a brief dissertation about the healthiest foods when it comes to sport.
In addition, there will be surprises for the participants ... We hope you can join us!

26.05.17 | 4:00 pm. “Knowing how to age and prevent dependence” (Group 2)
Cycle of workshops led by Lic. Ana Charamelo addressed to the elderly. In 8 workshops we intend to work on topics that will allow participants to optimize resources and maintain a healthy and active life. Thanks to the interest of our members we open a new group.

26.05 New life projects: It`s possible!
02.06 Memory: our personal identity
09.06 Memory and it´s problems
16.06 Mood disorders
23.06 When the spouse is absent
30.06 The importance of falls
07.07 Life is movement

Note: the ones who are interested could enroll and attend to all workshops or those which are of their particular interest.

Mª Rosa Bernardi and Anatole Plost share their experience with you: click here

25.05.17| 7:00pm. “Abdominal Pain”
Learn about the most common signs of Irritable Colon and Diverticulitis as well as guidelines on when to ask for medical consultation, diagnosis and medical treatment.
Talk by Dr. Jorge Perez Gatto and Dr. Adriana Raggio, Specialists physicians in Gastroenterology of our staff.

AGENDA: Upcoming Activities

23.05.17 | 7:00pm. “Retirement: a design of a new life project”
Cycle of three workshops led by the Graduate Ana Charamelo.
Retirement implicates facing a sudden change in relation to daily life, which has an impact on all human dimensions (biological, psychological and social). It involves changes in daily habits, social relationships, in the ability to give meaning to new activities, as an expression in the identity and self-esteem of people.
These meetings are intended to create a space of reflection for those who are in plans of retirement and for those who have already retired and who have not taken this issue as a way of thinking of a new life project for the years after retirement”.
Starting date: May 23rd
Closing date: June 6th

The workshop is aimed at people who are in a preoperative stage and to the retired.

10 y 11.05.17 | 5:00pm. “Aliment-Art: Surprise for mum”.
With reference to the Food Revolution Day the British Hospital celebrates its Aliment-Arte suggestion; aimed to supporting healthy health from childhood.
This year we dedicate the proposal to Mom and for this reason we will cook something tasty and healthy together with the Recreation and Nutrition and Diet Therapy team of the Hospital, and then we will share with them a tea and an English-style snack.
We invite:
Children from 4 to 7 years old
Children from 8 to 12 years old

We hope you can join us!

09.05.17 | 4:00pm. “Knowing how to get old and prevent dependency”
Series of workshops led by Graduate Ana Charamelo addressed to elderly. In 8 workshops we aim to work on topics that allow participants to optimize the resources and keep a healthy and active life.
New life projects: Its´s possible!
Memory: our personal identity.
Memory and it´s problems.
Mood disorders.
When the partner is absent.
The importance of falls.
Life in movement.
Various dimensions of Life Quality.

the people interested can enroll and attend to all workshops or to those of their interest.

We invite you to share the experience of Mª Rosa Bernardi and Anatole Plost in the first series of workshops addressed to the elderly (2016) by doing click here

25.04.17 "How to prepare for winter"

Workshop led by Dr. Mercedes Sánchez Varela (pediatrician) and the Graduate in Nutrition Lucía Agulla. The talk will be about children who are oriented to get vaccinated, how to prevent infections, when a child can not go to school, how to help them. As wel as this, we will share healthy feeding guidelines to prevent colds and flue during the winter. Activity addressed to parents affiliated or with children affiliated to the HS.

18.04.17 "Prevention on patients with respiratory diseases"
Activity led by Dr. Sandra Peña. We will talk about how to prevent infections, the importance of vaccines, when influenza vaccines, the anti-pneumococcal and oral auto vaccine options are indicated.
Aimed to adults with respiratory diseases, such as, COPD, ASMA, Interstitial Diseases, Bronchiectasis, smoking, among others.

22.03.17 “Lessons’ start: adaptation guidelines”
Activity led by Dr. Lara Batthyany, the Graduate Nut. Alejandra Amestoy, and Dr. Gabriela Peluffo (deontologist). During the workshop we will share tips to facilitate the family’s routine related to the start of classes and its’ development, emphasizing on sleeping habits, oral hygiene and feeding snacks and dishes.