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New Mobile HBAPP application

Taking into account the comfort of our members, we launched the new mobile HBAPP application, its features and exclusive information to facilitate and improve self-management.


It allows managing the access of multiple users, thought to facilitate and unify the management of the different members of the family.

Check in
It allows to do the check in at medical consultations without having to come to the encounter of any of the BH Polyclinics.

24hs Available
It allows to see the information and to do self-management of the operative needs of the member 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

Parking and Location
It allows visualizing in real time, the available places of the parkings of Málaga, Bauzá and Carrasco Polyclinic.

It allows visualizing and warning the expiration dates of chronic medication and the specific medication of the member.

Access check
It allows the checking of the devices from which the application is accessed, and the block of the unwanted ones.

Information about all the services for members, telephone directory, preparation for studies and schedules among others.

How to use it?

In order to use the application, the first thing is to be registered on our website and create a user:

In case you already have a web user but you do not remember your password, you should enter the following link by selecting "I forgot my password". Complete the data (identity card no points or dashes) and a new password will be automatically sent to your email.

In order to be able to visualize the laboratory studies through the application you should first enter with your web user by selecting: "self-management", "my account", "personal information", then select edit, and go to "study reports" which you should select to authorize the visualization of the studies mentioned.
Then, you can enter in "self-management", "laboratory" and there you can enter to the laboratory results (the results since November, 2017).
Remember that by the moment you can see them only in the application and not through the web.