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Workshops for Hospital Scheme’s members 2018

Through the planning of an extensive agenda of activities, the Hospital is focused on responding to the main concerns of its members through various educational proposals; convinced that information is the main tool to contribute to the life quality of our families.


5, 6 and 12.12 | | Naviarte: a proposal to have fun and create
Through crafts and cooking, we aim and bet on imagination, creativity and healthy fun with the proposal of a creative workshop.
Once again the health team, together with the children, wants to share joy on Christmas’ eve. Without so much consumption or screens ... but with a lot of laughs!!!

Enrolments from the 28th of November. Limited places

Addressed to children from 4 to 13 years old
Wednesday 5h of December from 4 to 6 years old
Thursday 6th of December from 7 to 9 years old
Wednesday 12th of December from 10 to 13 years

From: 5 pm.
In charge of: the Recreation, Nutrition and Gastronomy Equipment Team. Guest María Teresa Bonilla (Artisan)


15.11 | Male sexuality after 40
In the blue month, the month of man sexuality, the importance of prevention is promoted.
We adhere to this campaign and we wait for you to talk about sexual health, dysfunctions and how to achieve satisfaction and fulfilment in this stage of life.

Limited places
Addressed to: men + 40
Time: 7 pm to 8:30 pm.
In chage of: Dr. Santiago Cedres.

14.11 | Strengthening our teenagers
A workshop to work together on how to continue strengthening our children in adolescence. Guidelines to parents: profiles. We’ll make a presentation and a joint reflection on the subject addressed.


31.10 | Adolescents: Drugs consumption
A workshop on drugs and alcohol: consumption and mechanisms in adolescents.
We will approach the subject in a responsible manner, aiming to guide, prevent and encourage communication in the family.

Addressed to parents
Time: 7 pm.
In charge of: Dr. L. Maurente and Psychiatrist G. Rossi.

24.10 | Sexuality and your daughter
We’ve developed a workshop so you can guide your daughter during the development of her sexuality. We’ll answer girl’s frequent questions and we’ll talk about contraception and diseases.

Addressed to mothers, fathers and daughters.
Time: 7 pm.
In charge of: Dr. Paediatrician T. Sabat and Dr. Gynaecologist M. Piastri.

17.10 | Dietary changes for young people
When food choices are made, there’re usually situations behind and beyond which, a more complex symptomatology is hidden.
How to find out?

Addressed to: Parents and teenagers
Time: 7 pm to 8:30 pm.
In charge of: Lic. Alejandra Amestoy and Dr. Paediatrician T. Sabat.

16.10 | Female sexuality after 40
October is the pink month. Throughout the world, feminine sexual health is promoted and awareness is raised. With an expert, we’ll delve into concepts of sexual health, couple and satisfaction at this stage of life.

Addressed to: Women +40
Time: 8 pm.
In charge of: Dr. Santiago Cedrés, Internist and sexologist. President of the Uruguayan Society of Sexology.

4.10 | On your marks, get set and my heart?
What´s exercise? How much exercise should we do? For how long? Which are the precompetitive cardiovascular health check-up?
The aim of this talk is to guide athletes to do a cardiovascular medical control before they start intense sport activity, with the purpose of being able to do it safely in the practice.

Addressed to youngsters and adults
Time: 7 pm to 8:30 pm.
In charge of: Dr. Federico Superchi and Dr. Juan Tourn.


21.09 and 28.09 | Alzheimer's workshop: what the family wants to know about Alzheimer and other disorders
We’ll talk about the family environment.
The healthiest reconstruction for the patient and his family.
Tools to improve elderly´s life quality.
What’re dementias and Alzheimer's disease?
How to prevent it.
How to identify, diagnose and manage symptoms.
The care and treatments.
Symptoms and orientation.
Prevention of caregiver´s overload.

Addressed to relatives and caregivers of patients with Alzheimer's and other dementias.
Time: 7 pm to 8 pm.
In charge of: Prof. Adj. Ana Charamelo and Prof. Sergio Dansilio.

13.09 | Sleep well to metabolize better
Circadian rhythms, restful sleep and proper nutrition are indispensable for the regulation of our body
On this occasion we¨ll discuss on chrono nutrition and healthy sleep.

31.08 y 5.09 | Gluten-Free Cooking
Theoretical-practical workshop where you will be taught to prepare gluten-free flours. How does a gluten-free dough behave?

We will have the dissertation of the Graduate in Nutrition Fernanda Larrea and toghether with our Chef Adrián Parrilla and his team we will cook and learn the tips for this type of elaboration.


15.08 | Workshop on stress: How to handle it and avoid its consequences
People can feel stress in different ways.

Stress is an automatic response of the organism to any change, and is not necessarily something "bad" in itself. On the contrary, if we learn to manage in an effective way, it can give us the possibility of changing the way we see ourselves in a problem, using new resources to face different situations.
The risk of not learning to manage it may produce the appearance of psychophysiological disorders.

Time: 7 pm.
In charged of: Dr. Roberto Superchi.

9th, 16th and 23rd of August | Children´s day: We celebrate with the youngest
In the context of children’s day our young members will be able to enjoy a fun propose of education in the kitchen.

In charge of Diego Ruete and the Hospital’s Nutrition and Recreation team, children will be able to explore new tastes with much joy and fun, tasting what they make with their own hands, while they enjoy new smells, many laughs and a bit of imagination.

Aug, 9th; from 4 to 6 years old.
Aug, 16th; from 7 to 9 years old.
Aug, 23rd; from 10 to 13 years old.

Time: 5 pm.
In charge of Diego Ruete, along with the Hospital’s Nutrition and Recreation teams.

Enrolments from Wednesday 1st of August.

August, 2nd | Workshop about the emotional aspects of breastfeeding
In the context of the Breastfeeding Week we invite all mothers, pregnant women and those interested in the matter to take part of an exclusive workshop in which we´ll be overseeing the topic from the different emotional aspects.

Emotional benefits: Mom – child.
Loses and gains.
Self-esteem: emotional contention.
The establishment of the bond through breastfeeding.
Nutritional tips.

Time: 5 pm.
In charge of the British Hospital’s policlinic team for Breastfeeding, integrated by Nurses, Graduates in Psychology and Graduates in Nutrition.


31st of July, 30th of August and 6th of September | Fertility: Assessment in fertility and infertility factors
If you haven´t yet sought pregnancy or haven´t been able to conceive, we invite you to a warm and enjoyable lecture in charge of our fertility specialists team.

It´ll be a great chance to raise your doubts at a specially planned encounter to accompany you through this phase.

Our fertility specialists team, who hold great experience in the field, have organized a lecture to inform about the topics that worries many of our members.

Time: 7 pm.
In charge of: Dr. Marisa Dellepiane and Dr. maite Moldes

19th and 26th of July | First Aid and Reanimation Course
Aimed at adults, young people (+14 years old), parents and children, friends, couples, and anyone who wishes to know how to cope with cases of cardiorespiratory arrest, reanimation and such skills.
Limited places.

Time: 5 pm to 8 pm.
In charge of CEPRIE (Emergency Instuccion and Prevention Centre)


20, 27.06 and 11.07 | Mindful Eating
Eating is a need to maintain our health and it’s also a great pleasure. Many times we feel that we overeat or eat without hunger. Acquiring the habit of “Mindful Eating” is a tool to gradually change it.

It’s said that feeding must be complete, balanced, sufficient and adequate. This means that it has to provide the energy and nutrients that we need, in a timely manner according to the moment that we’re living.

Time: 7 pm.
In charge of: Grad. Nut. Maren Torheim

7.06, 19 and 26.07, 30.08 and 6.09 | Resuscitation and First Aid Course
Addressed to adults, young people (+14 years), parents and children, groups of friends, couples, and anyone who wants to know how to cope with situations of cardiorespiratory arrest, resuscitation, and manoeuvres of this type.
Limited places.

Time: 5 pm to 8 pm.
In charge of: CEPRIE (Prevention and Instruction in Emergencies Centre)


9, 16 and 23.05 | Alimentarte: a little help for mom

During mom´s month, we´ll have a new edition of Alimentarte. In this opportunity, the proposal is aimed at children in order to promote healthy habits: oral hygiene and nutrition, among others.

Health professionals will support, through fun and creativity, the education that starts at home.
Children will enjoy 90 minutes of activities according to their age and in the last 30 minutes we´ll invite moms to share a delicious snack and the surprises prepared by them!

9th of may: children from 4 to 6 years.
16th of may: children from 7 to 9 years.
23rd of may: children from 10 to 13 years.

Addressed to children and their moms
Time: 5 pm.
Coordinated by: Dental Team, Nutrition and Gastronomy Team and
Recreation team (Educators and Psychologists)

Enrolment: from the 2nd of May at the Appointment Department, extension number 2740.

10.05 | Is it true that…. There are more patients with coeliac disease?

In the framework of the International Day of Coeliac Disease, we invite you to participate in a workshop where this topic will be addressed.

Specialized professionals will answer questions and reflect on:

When to consult.
Who can develop coeliac disease.
The importance of diagnosis.
Is it a predominantly childhood disease?
Why shouldn´t you start a gluten-free diet before having a diagnosis?
Differences between being allergic, sensitive to gluten and having coeliac disease.
Warning symptoms.

Time: 7 pm to 8 pm.
Presented by: Dr. Daniela Armas (Pediatric Gastroenterologist)
Lic. Mercedes Medina (Nutritionist), Dr. Patricia Nacif (Pediatric Gastroenterologist), Dr. Santiago Crabajal (Gastroenterologist for adults).


26.04 | Respiratory disease in children. How to prevent it and help them.

Characteristics, alarm symptoms and treatment in a respiratory condition.

Led by a multidisciplinary team of pediatricians, pneumologists and graduates in physiotherapy, there will be a practical workshop on the use of inhalers and care of the respiratory tract to aid the medical treatment.

Addressed to parents and childminders
Time: 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.
Presented by: Prof. Agda Physiatrist Martha Arriola. Dr. Mercedes Sánchez Varela (Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialist) and Dr. Sandra Peña (Pneumologist)

19.04 | Domestic accidents in children
Although the task of prevention of home accidents is crucial, there are ages in which children are more at risk.
Specialists will tell us about what steps to take in these possible situations: cuts, burns, tooth loss, etc.

What to do, how to act, how to help for a better outcome.

Addressed to parents and childminders
Time: 6:30 pm to 8 pm.
Presented by: Dr. Verónica Morales (Plastic Surgeon) and Carla Broglia (Odontologist).

17.04 to 26.06 | Cycle of Memory Workshops

After we retire and remove the pressures of work, we use a minimum percentage of neurons, and it´s necessary to activate those that aren´t in use. There´s scientific evidence that cognitive stimulation works as a protective barrier, slowing down the development of cognitive deterioration and dementias.

This brain stimulation program is based on cognitive reserve and neuronal plasticity, aiming to improve mental performance through exercises and skills training.
The activities presented combine different therapeutic exercises, rehabilitation and learning techniques.

Led by the Grad. Ps. Ana Charamelo.
Upcoming dates: 7.08 to 09.10

03.04 to 12.06 and 19.04 to 21.06 | Know how to age and prevent dependency
There are 10 workshops in which we´ll discuss issues of interest for the elderly to achieve a healthy and active life.
Some of the topics we´ll discuss will be, for example, how to prevent memory problems and stay mentally active, healthy eating, good sleep, recreational activities and social bonding, the importance of exercise, among others.

Time: 3 pm to 5 pm.
In charge of: Grad. Ps. Ana Charamelo