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Exclusive workshops for members

Through an extensive planning agenda of activities the Hospital focuses on giving answer to members´ main needs through many educational proposals; the hospital is convinced that communication is the main tool to contribute to the life quality of our families...

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Word Diabetes Day

This year the World Diabetes Day is celebrated under the motto “Be careful with diabetes” as regards the vision` problems that this disease may cause...

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Heart Week: activities

From the 26th of September to the 2nd of October the XXV Heart Week is celebrated under the motto “Follow your heart, choose the healthy way”, aiming to raise awareness on the importance of health promotion actions and cardiovascular diseases´ prevention...

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Medical consultation - self management

In the British Hospital we are constantly looking forward to improve our services, making them more efficient for our members...

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Food Revolution Day: International Day for Food Education

Every year in May the Food Revolution Day is internationally celebrated; a day dedicated to raise awareness on the importance of food education since childhood as well as celebrating fresh, healthy and homemade food, in order to change the increase of problems in health related to poor dieting, supporting a healthier and happier life for our children...

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UCM Health Care Coverage

Continuosly seeking to improve the plan we offer to our affiliates, in April they will have the automatic coverage of emergency UCM...

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